These Quality Hand-Crafted Instruments are available from Bamboo Gardens and Music:

Transverse Diatonic Flute

This instrument is the predecessor of the modern orchestral flute. It plays two and a half octaves.

Student model Key of C (piccolo), A, G, F, Eb $25

Student model Key of D (low; 21.5") $30

Pro Concert (Ebonized) Key of C,A,G,F,Eb $50

Pro Concert (Ebonized) Key of D (low) $75

Pro Concert (Ebonized) Key of C (low) $75 (Call)

For beginners we suggest starting on a four hole pentatonic (five note scale) to learn first as it will make learning the six hole diatonic scale transverse much easier"

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Transverse Alto Pentatonic Flute

Flutes in the lower register are meditative and soothing. The term "Pentatonic" denotes that this flute is based on a five note scale.

Available in Mode 1 Pentatonic, in the keys of: B, C, D

(An example of Mode 1: in the Key of "C" the notes would be "C, Eb, F, G, Bb, C")

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Amerind Slot Flute

This flute is the predecessor of the Native American 'Love Flute'. A member of the block flute family, this instrument is available in Mode 1 F# Pentatonic.

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Zen Shakuhachi

Student Model Key of D (low 21.5") $80 (Call)

Pro Concert Root End Key of D $150 (Call)

Lower Pitch Pro Concert Root End Key of C,B, Bb $150 to $300 (Call)

The term "Shakuhachi" in Japanese means 1.8 feet. This flute is end-blown and has proven to be difficult (though not impossible) for most people to master. Its haunting, mysterious tones have lured many to play this challenging instrument. Available in the traditional key of "D" Pentatonic Mode 1.

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Diatonic Pan Flute

Pro Concert Key of C, G       (2 octaves +) $150 - $300 Call to order

The panpipe (vertical flute) is one of the most ancient of the bamboo flutes. It is found in many traditional cultures, including Greek, Middle - Eastern, and Andean in South America.

The panpipe is a series of bamboo tubes tied together in ascending order of size. The longer the tube, the lower the pitch.

Available in 1 to 2 octaves, in these keys: C, G, Eb

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Pentatonic Pan Flute

Student Model (6 tube) $35

Pro Concert (6 tube) $50

Available in 1 to 2 octaves in these keys: C, C#, G, and others upon request. Available in both Major and Minor scales.

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Transverse Staff Flute

Student Model $65

Pro Concert Staff (Ebonized) $125

This combination walking staff/transverse alto flute is 5' in length or more- it's an excellent companion for long hikes! (Click photo to hear flute) Smoky Mountain Stream or "Ancient Palenque"

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