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The following CDs by Greg White Hunt are currently available from Bamboo Gardens and Music:

Gregs Favorites CD


© 2014

CD $15.00 Free Shipping


  1. And I Love Her
  2. Moon River
  3. Over the Rainbow
  4. Scarborough Fair
  5. Summertime
  6. House of the Rising Sun
  7. All My Lovin
  8. Colors of the Wind (Pocahontas)
  9. What'd I Say


Greg White Hunt adds his mastery of wind on bamboo flutes to some of the worlds all time favorite songs.


Bamboo Wind Cd

Bamboo Wind

© 2014

CD $15.00 Free Shipping

  1. Sing You to Me
  2. Canyon Clouds
  3. Forest Serenade
  4. Ayahuascero Icario
  5. Sacha Huarmi's Prayer
  6. Hikuri Neixa
  7. Bansuri Jazz
  8. Moon Lionessa
  9. Koshinto Kagura Dance
  10. Oriente Introduction
  11. Quichua Children
  12. Mom's Song
  13. Scheherazde's Escape
  14. Silk Kite
  15. Dreams of Syrinx
  16. Canopy Song
  17. Bamboo Pan Funk
  18. Truly Yours
  19. Boo Woo Boogie
Greg White Hunt, composer, multi-instrumentalist performer, creates world music tone poems featuring his handcrafted bamboo flutes, French horn, Classical guitar and keyboard. Listen as Mr. Hunt takes us on a magical musical journey.


bamboo cd

Bamboo Atmospheres

© 2003

CD $15.00 Free Shipping

  1. Smokey Mountain Stream
  2. Panda Crossing
  3. Nagano
  4. Bird Tribes
  5. Earth Vessel
  6. Pan Pipe Dreams
  7. Bamboo Sax Dreams
  8. Flower Faery Pan
  9. Three Sages
  10. Singing Bird
  11. Evening Reverie
  12. Ocean Pan
  13. Swimmer
  14. Ancient Palenque
  15. The Andes
  16. Swimmer
  17. Sun Rising
  18. Boa
  19. Ocean Staff
  20. Spring Rain
  21. Medicine Wind
  22. Singing Loon
Bamboo Atmospheres features only solo bamboo flutes and nature sounds. This cd was created for the Nashville Zoo especially for the Red Panda exhibit and the bamboo walking tour.


oriente cd

Enter The Oriente

© 1996

CD $15.00 Free Shipping

  1. Enter the Oriente
  2. Oriente
  3. Jatun Sacha Preserve
  4. Sacha Runa
  5. Ayahuasquero Icaros
  6. Dance of the Plant Teachers
  7. Sacha Huarmi's Blessing
  8. Hike to Don Jaime's
  9. Sparrow and Mercedes
  10. Chacruna
  11. Song of the Canopy
  12. Canoe on the Upper Rio Napo
  13. Haunting Forest Mystery
  14. Quichua Children
  15. All is Well
Enter the Oriente is a creative sonic journey into the Rain Forest based on the composer's experiences in the Upper Rio Napo area of the Ecuadorian Amazon. A master ethnomusicologist, Greg White Hunt has created music that flows from primal to classical, featuring his own hand-crafted bamboo instruments and forest rhythms fused with authentic rainforest sounds. The music also includes Quichua shamans performing actual ayahuasca healing sessions. Enter the Oriente is a celebration of the Quichua-speaking indigenous peoples and their ancient mysterious forest.



Bamboo Rain

© 1998

CD $15.00 Free Shipping

  1. Nagano - Spirit of the Mountain
  2. Dancing Bamboo Devas
  3. Pan Pipe Dreams
  4. Serenity Garden
  5. Three Sages
  6. Far East
  7. Flight of the White Cranes
  8. Green Forest
  9. Panda Crossing
  10. Earth Vessel
  11. Evening Reverie
  12. Boa
  13. Grasshopper and Butterfly
  14. Happy Turtle Song
  15. Medicine Wind
  16. Singing Loon
  17. Bamboo Staff
  18. All is Well

natural cd cover

Natural Illumination

© 2000

CD $15.00 Free Shipping

  1. Ayla
  2. Amanita Sunrise
  3. Smoky Mountain Stream
  4. Soul Vine
  5. The Andes
  6. Red Clay Spring
  7. Song Without Words
  8. Sands of Time
  9. Tropical Pan
  10. Flight of the Condor
  11. Bamboo Sax Beach
  12. China Moon
  13. Cloud Forest
  14. Tropical Journey
  15. Ocean Pan
  16. Blue Bamboo Blues
  17. Spring Rain
  18. Panda Dance
  19. Koi Pond
  20. Asian Sky
  21. Water Fairy Sprite
  22. All Is Well
Natural Illumination is a collection of original tone poems inspired by nature, featuring Greg White Hunt's handcrafted bamboo flutes and panpipes. Ancient peoples perceived music as a natural healing phenomenon. Perfect musical intervals and counterpoint coupled with the ethereal sounds of the Bamboo Flute take us on a relaxing, healing inner journey.


secrets cd

Secrets of Bamboo

© 2008

CD $15.00 Free Shipping

  1. Power Earth
  2. Quanah Parker
  3. Forest Island Serenade
  4. Lacadon Children
  5. Scottish Dance
  6. Shaolin Mountain
  7. Bamboo Bill
  8. Quichua Icario
  9. Medicine Shaman
  10. Blue Reverie
  11. Prayer of the Mantis
  12. Hikuri Wind
  13. Pan and Syrinx
  14. Rio Napo Rain
  15. Ancient Faeryland
  16. All is Well


hidden cd

Hidden Landscapes

© 1997

CD $15.00 Free Shipping

  1. Heaven's Jungle
  2. Kathy's Lullaby
  3. Sweet Island Kiss
  4. Venetian Voyage
  5. Late Starry Nights
  6. Bay Jazz
  7. Ancient Palenque
  8. Circle Dance
  9. Above the Clouds
  10. Butterfly Nation
  11. Chan-Kah Ruinas
  12. Eleusinian Traveller
  13. Sun Rising
  14. Medicine Lodge
  15. All Is Well
Hidden Landscapes is an original collection of Hunt's compositions including classical, world, and comtemporary styles featuring the composer's handcrafted bamboo flutes and panpipes. CD also features solo French Horn and keyboard.